We are ALWAYS participating in numerous Quality Initiatives & Programs to provide the BEST Childcare to the Oakville Community.

First & foremost, we are proud to have an agreement with The Region of Halton.  We are proud to be an inclusive childcare center which offers childcare subsidy to families who qualify, 

Quality First for Children, Families, Professionals & Community

 Little Kids Daycare is proud to participate in the Quality First.  Quality First is an initiative within Halton Region that supports early childhood programs to further develop the level of quality care, and education they offer to young children & their families.

Quality First is based on the following indicators of quality childcare.

  • Environment/Curriculum
  • Supervision/Administration
  • Professionalism
  • Inclusion
  • Adult/Child Interaction
  • Support for early Childhood Education Students

Quality First is a program offered to us through The Halton Resource Connection www.thrc.ca.

As a result of our involvement in Quality First, our staff participate in various trainings/workshops & webinars every few months!

Our center is supported through an ongoing process which includes: observations & evaluation fo the program, self evaluation, goal setting, staff professional learning & support from a Consultant.  Commitment to quality is an ongoing process.

Quality Map Pilot

Across Halton Region only 18 centers were invited to participate in this initiative.  We were thrilled to join this important research!
This new approach to assessing quality in Halton Region's ELCC sector will have a qualitative approach to assessing quality.  It aligns with "How Does Learning Happen?" & he RECE Code of Ethics.  It is built on critical reflection, collaborative inquiry , environment & making quality practices visible (pedagogical documentation).

We have created a Center Portfolio which each class has contributed to the four sections (Children, Families, Educators & Community)


In January 2007, the Government published Early Learning for Every Child Today:  A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings (ELECT) It was developed by the best start panel on Early Learning to improve the quality of early childhood settings.  The ELECT sets our 6 principles to guide practice in early years settings & provides a continuum of development for children from birth to age eight.  These 6 principles are used in Ontario's Full Day Kindergarten Program.

The 6 Principles of the ELECT

  1. Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour & health
  2. Partnerships with families & communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children
  3. Respect for diversity, equity & inclusion are prerequisites for honouring children's rights, optimal development & learning.
  4. A planned curriculum  supports early learning
  5. Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children's natural curiosity & exuberance
  6. Knowledgeable, responsive educators are essential.

Read Excerpts from ELECT here!


ELECT lays out the groundwork for another important resource "How Does Learning Happen?  Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years". In this document, the goals for child and clear expectations for programs are set out.  It provides RECE's a way to think about the ELECT principles and how they work together.

Four Foundations of How does Learning Happen?

Belonging refers to a sense of connectedness to others, being valued & forming relationships

Well Being importance of physical & mental health & overall wellness

Engagement being involved & focused

Expression to be heard and to listen which many forms

Children, Families & Educators all need these four foundations, independently & interconnected.

Read How Does Learning Happen? here!


Think Feel Act, Lessons from Research about Young Children

The Ontario Early Years Policy Framework describes how children's experiences in the early years can have an extraordinary & long lasting impact on children's learning, development, health & well-being.  The Ministry of Education along with leading experts in the early childhood field developed the following resource to support Educators working early years setting in their professional learning.  The topics have significant impact on experiences of children in early childhood.

These "Briefs" cover various topics and are written by different authors

  • The Power of Positive Adult Child Relationships Connection Is the Key
  • The Environment as a Teacher
  • Pedagogical Leadership
  • Calm, Alert & Happy
  • Making learning visible through Pedagogical Documentation
  • Everyone is Welcome:  Inclusive Early Childhood Education & Care

Read the Think Feel Act, Lessons from Research about Young Children here!



Our Programs

Quality Childcare

Little Kids Daycare Center

Every child is unique and we believe that every child is competent & capable.  Our Educators help children to learn and grow by building strong relationships with them & giving them a sense of belonging.  We use the resource "How does learning happen?" as a way for our Educators to think about goals for children & program expectations.

Infant Class (3 months - 18 months)

1:3 Educator to Infant ratio                        9 Infants

At Little Kids Daycare we LOVE our babies! We understand it's hard to leave your infant for the first time, please take comfort that the staff are nurturing & love to work with this special age group.  They work with parents to ensure a smooth transition for your little one.  The week before your child starts you will be invited to come in for a visit with your infant.  This is an excellent opportunity for you and the staff to talk about what to expect and you can share more about your child.  The second transitional visit is done independently without a parent.  You are always encouraged to check in with how your child's day is going.  At pick up the staff will fill you in on your infants day & you will receive a daily report outlining exactly what he/she did throughout the day (ate, slept & diaper changes etc)

Toddlers (15 months - 30 months)

1;5 Educator to Toddler Ratio            (14 Toddlers)

Little Kids Daycare's Toddler class is designed to create a safe environment where Toddlers are encouraged to learn and grow by exploring.  The staff are warm and nurturing.  They work to provide a program that is stimulating, developmentally appropriate and follows the children's interests.  Parents are often amazed at what is going on in the Toddler Class (check out our Blog!)

Don't let their size fool you, Toddlers are brilliant! The staff have a great relationship with parents, you can expect regular communication & daily documentation about your child's day including a daily report. 

Junior Preschool (28 months - 42 months)

1:8 Educator to Preschooler Ratio            24 children

Our preschool room gets rave reviews!  The staff have created an incredibly schedule that provides structure and flexibility to a very busy age group.

Each child is provided with a broad range of activities and experiences that will inspire curiosity and exploration.  The staff have an assigned group of 8 children.  This fosters a strong bond between the Educators and children.  It allows the ECE to work very  closely with each child to better understand his/her interests, goals and strengths. 

YES, we do help families with potty training!

Senior Preschool & FDKG (28 months - 42 months)
1:8 Educator to Preschooler Ratio            24 children

Our SR preschool room is amazing!  It blends full day preschool children with friends who attend Full Day Kindergarten.  The staff have created an balanced schedule which fosters structure and flexibility.

Each child is provided with a broad range of activities and experiences that will inspire curiosity and exploration.  The staff have an assigned group of 8 children.  This fosters a strong bond between the Educators and children.  It allows the RECE to work very  closely with each child to better understand his/her interests, goals and strengths.

Food is a HUGE priority

We believe food is one of the most important parts in a child's day. That's why we've decided to prepare our hot meals onsite! They are healthy, delicious, child-friendly meals, and snacks for children.