subsidy can help all children get quality care

Little Kids Daycare Center

Daycare Subsidy

Little Kids Daycare Center knows every family has different circumstances and we are happy to offer subsidy for families living in the Halton region. For more information please check the official Halton region site.

What is Childcare subsidy?

Childcare subsidy is a program that helps ease the cost of childcare to eligible families. This is beneficial to those families who would like to send their children off to daycare but can't seem to find the means to do so. We believe no matter what income class you're in your children should be able to still benefit from the great benefits of going to a daycare center.

How do I apply?

Dial 311 or 905-825-6000 and get into contact with Halton region

Am I eligible? Do I qualify?

You can use the online calculator provided by Halton Region to check if you qualify.

Remember this is a quick test and doesn't guarantee that you will be eligible but it is definitely a good indicator.